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Annex 1 - What Impact Will it Have on Your Cleaning and Disinfection?

The revised Annex 1 of the GMP guidelines is close to publication. Read more to learn about the key areas affected by the new Annex 1 requirements.

Proactive Residue Management for Cleanrooms

Both Annex 1 and Eudralex Annex 15 require that a cleaning process should be validated to ensure the removal of residues and any subsequent consequences from them.

Cleanroom Gloves: Why Length Matters

Cleanroom gloves are designed to protect either products from contamination or the wearer from exposure to chemicals. Glove length is a factor that is becoming increasingly important.

Sterile Goggles: How ready are you for the new Annex 1 Changes?

As the publication for the revised Annex 1 of the GMP guidelines is fast approaching, the new guidelines add a requirement for sterile eyewear and garment change at least every work session.