Contamination control is essential in many research facilities, academic environments, and laboratory settings. Operations within these facilities should align with the code of Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP) to maintain the integrity of samples and results.

Our mission is to provide quality solutions through specialized products and services that meet the highest level of GMP compliance for the research facilities, academic environments, and laboratory settings.

“The clothing and it’s quality should be appropriate for the process and grade of the working area. It should be worn in such a way as to protect the product from contamination”

PICs guide, Annex 1, clause 42

Clean area clothing should be cleaned and handled in such a way that it does not gather additional contaminants which can later be shed. These operations should follow written procedures. Separate laundry facilities for such clothing are desirable. Inappropriate treatment of clothing will damage fibres and may increase the risk of shedding of particles.

PICs guide, Annex 1, clause 45


  • Cleanroom Consumables

    We offer a range of appropriate protective apparel, cleaning equipment and disinfectants as well as sterile stationary to maintain high quality control standards in research facilities, academic environments, and laboratory settings.

  • Non Linting Garments

    We provide undergarments, coveralls, hoods, overshoes and goggles designed specifically for use in research. Our critical wash and sterilization process will ensure the highest level of cleanliness.

  • Quality Assurance

    We are fully accredited under AS/NZS ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Systems. Our qualified laboratory staff can provide specialised testing services, including test methods development and validation to support your compliance needs.


View our range of limited-linting garments and cleanroom products designed specifically for research facilities and academic environments.