The food manufacturing & processing industry is becoming much more stringently in Australia due to many recent events of cross contamination.

People are a major source of contamination in any food processing facility. We lose an entire layer of skin every four days. Attached to this skin is a range of organisms including bacteria and yeast, which could potentially contaminate your product.

Our HACCP accredited garments are processed to a guaranteed low bio-burden level. Our aim is to minimise bacterial contamination on every garment, every time.

“Dirty clothing is one of the leading causes of cross contamination…

It is important that all clothing be laundered and stored correctly to prevent the spread of bacteria. Clothing must also be microbial clean, meaning that the microbes on the garment have been reduced to a safe level.”

Australian Institute of Food SafetyA Food Handlers Guide to Personal Hygiene


  • HACCP Certified Garments

    Our HACCP certified Bioclean garments are processed to a guaranteed low bioburden level, in our specialised bioclean facility. Our  garments are manufactured from a unique lightweight breathable fabric, available as two pieces suits, coveralls and smocks.

  • No Residual or Cross contamination

    Our cleaning process ensures no residual contamination from previous product processes. Each batch of garments are individually processed, dried and packaged. Garments are free of any chemical residue that could adversely affect your personnel, or the taste and shelf life of your product.

  • Consumables

    Consumable items such as shoe covers, hairnets, beard covers and gloves form an integral component of everyday apparel in your food processing facility. Worn in conjunction with your bioclean garments, quality disposables are essential.


View our range of limited-linting garments and cleanroom products designed specifically for high risk food processing facilities.