Occupational exposure to cytotoxic drugs and related waste may occur where control measures fail or are not in place. Exposure may occur through skin contact, skin absorption, inhalation of aerosols and drug particles, ingestion and sharps injuries.

A number of adverse health effects have been reported in those who prepare and/or administer cytotoxic drugs, where adequate risk controls to minimise exposure to the drugs have not been put in place.

The dangers associated with Cytotoxic Drugs have been well documented. Various guidelines have been developed to ensure the safe handling of these drugs. Your safety and protection is extremely important. At Clean Room Garments we offer a complete range of products that will provide you with maximum protection.

“Together with other control measures, the following personal protective equipment should be provided to those who prepare cytotoxic drugs:

  • impermeable coverall or gown
  • head covering
  • closed footwear and overshoes
  • protective gloves – long enough to cover
  • elasticised cuff of gown or coverall
  • protective eyewear
  • respiratory protective mask”
Cytotoxic Drugs and Related Waste – Risk Management Guide 2015 (SafeWork NSW)


  • Hazardous Drugs Spill Kit

    CRG have worked with Baxter Pharmacy Services to develop a new and improved spill kit for hazardous drug spills. This provides protection against spills such as cytotoxic (chemotherapy) drugs, antibiotics, and radiopharmaceuticals.

    The dual branded kit has derived from the strong relationship CRG and Baxter Pharmacy Services have developed over the past 17 years of association. It brings together a wealth of specialist knowledge from both organisations.

    Both CRG Healthcare and Baxter Pharmacy Services believe in medical safety. We’ve worked together to assist in providing health and safety in the work place.

  • Training and Accreditation

    CRG offers Spill Kit training and accreditation to ensure staff are aware of the safe and proper procedures for spill cleanups to reduce personal exposure.

  • Personal Protective Equipment

    At Clean Room Garments, we offer a complete range of impermeable garments, gloves, masks, respirators and eye protection that will provide you with maximum protection.