2189 Barrier Gown

Usually worn for tasks involving the administration of cytotoxic drugs and patient care. Closed front design of gown is ideal for added protection of end user. Our Ultrashield Fabric (US) gown offers maximum protection from potentially harmful powders andsolutions and is the ideal solution for fluid repellency requirements. 

This gown has been designed and constructed with considerable thought for maximum protection to the wearer and has the following features:

  • Custom manufactured from premium grade repellent polyester, providing an excellent barrier with proven protection against cytotoxic drugs.
  • Proprietary processing – the gown can be laundered using our proprietary processing technique, whilst not wasting money or natural resources on single use disposable gowns. Our processing service is validated for the removal of cytotoxic drugs.
  • Double needle stitched seams with enclosed overlocking, ensures the seams of your gowns have the same protective qualities as the entire gown.
  • Rear neck clip closure presents a sealed front to the work area to fully protect the wearer.
  • Waist tie is fixed on the side of the gown and easily ties to the back.
  • Quality polyester knitted cuffs hold the gown in place – for ease of donning gloves.
  • Purple coloured – easily identified as a gown for cytotoxic protection.
FabricSizesColourProcess | ClassSeamsSterilisation
ULTRASHIELD (US) 100% polyester with ECF stripeSM – XLPurplePotentially contaminated garments process classOverlocked seamsYes