Learning how to properly put on sterile gowns is crucial to minimising the risks of contamination in any critical environment. This particularly includes cleanrooms, which are strictly designed to remain sanitary and contaminant-free (including dust and microorganisms). In addition to rigidly controlled environments, protection measures for humans are also required.

Since many employees working in these cleanrooms are constantly exposed to sensitive equipment and potentially hazardous chemicals, they can risk transmitting these contaminants when they return into the uncontrolled work spaces. This can lead to disastrous results beyond the cleanroom facility, including the spread of harmful illnesses and bacterial infection. Not only will this harm employees or visitors (especially those who are immunocompromised), it will severely impact the quality of the product research or experiments being undertaken.

Many studies have found that the largest source of contamination (80%) is made up from employees in the workplace. There are several ways to minimise these dangers such as using Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). While this is very important, it is just as crucial to ensure that employees understand how to follow strict protocols for wearing their sterile garments before entering the cleanroom.

So what is a Sterile Gown?

Sterile gowns are specially designed apparel which undergo a sterilisation process using gamma-radiation. They are examples of PPE equipment used to prevent the spread of infections, especially in health care settings where staff frequently come into contact with dangerous liquids, vapours or solid substances.

Sterile Gowning Supplies

Sterile gowning for cleanrooms can be purchased for one time use or reusable. If the garments are reusable, then the washing process must be validated. You can visit our CRG website to view the product pages below for more information.

The following supplies must be sterile and non-shedding:

Sterile Gloves – CRG gloves offer extreme comfort, strength and tactility. Not only are they available in a choice of lengths to provide complete protection, they are also manufactured in various materials to suit individual preferences and applications.

Head Covers & Protective Goggles – Head and beard coverings are necessary for complete contamination control (reduces shedding of skin flakes and hair particles). In addition, CRG cleanroom goggles are manufactured from strong, lightweight and comfortable materials. They contain anti-fog systems, optically correct toughened lenses and indirect ventilation systems. Our goggles are suitable for those who wear glasses and are 100% latex-free

Shoe Covers & Overshoes – To prevent dirty footwear from contaminating the cleanroom and protect workers from potential chemical spillage or equipment hazards, it is necessary to wear both shoe covers and overshoes

Hoods & Coveralls – We provide hoods and coveralls for both reusable clean-processed garments and disposal garments. CRG manufactures and processes garments in accordance with AS/NZS ISO accreditation and sterilisation processes are validated by NATA accredited laboratories.

Masks – CRG offers a comprehensive range of speciality masks suitable for sterile cleanroom-specific application, general purpose and specialist chemical protection requirements. Masks are essential to reduce the transfer of particulate and microbial contamination, exhaled from the operator into the surrounding environment.

Do’s & Don’ts Before Entering the Cleanroom

The cleanroom gowning process should begin from when the operator leaves the house and arrives at the workplace. Here is a checklist of the essential hygiene rules:

  • No perfume, cologne and after shave
  • No cosmetics (skincare and makeup)
  • No jewellery and accessories (e.g. watches)
  • No open-toed shoes

Please click here to refer to our generic sterile gowning procedure.

Need Sterile Gowning Supplies?

At CRG, we have many specialised products designed for sterile gowning procedures in critical environments. We are committed to developing cleanroom supplies that meet your individual organisational contamination needs and broader compliance standards. Contact us today or speak to your CRG Key Account Manager to see how CRG can provide value to your company.