For most people, the terms clean and sterile garments seem synonymous. However, in a controlled environment they have a completely different meaning, Clean garments and sterile garments are manufactured differently which can have a significant impact on your controlled environment. A controlled environment is defined as an area which is artificially regulated to ensure conditions such as temperature, air quality, etc are always controlled and remain stable. In these sorts of environments, employees need to ensure that clothing worn is ‘cleanroom’ regulated.

Apparel worn in the cleanroom has two main functions – to protect the control environment and the products from human contamination and to protect the employees from harmful products or materials. Therefore, understanding the difference between clean manufactured garments and clean and sterile manufactured is critical in keeping your cleanroom free from contaminants.

Sterile vs ‘Clean & Sterile’ Garments

Sterile Garments – can be produced in any type of facility. When the manufacturing process is completed, the garments then undergo a sterilisation process. The form of sterilisation is gamma-radiation.

Clean & Sterile Garments – are produced in a clean and sterile manufacturing environment. This means that those creating the garments are trained in good cleanroom hygiene, each employee is dressed in appropriate cleanroom garments and the manufacturing environment is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected regularly. Once the garments are completed, it then undergoes a sterilisation process similar to the sterile garments, with the added measures, any clothing produced in a clean manufacturing facility ensures that there are no additional particles being added onto the garments during the manufacturing process.

Why is it important?

As safety and cleanliness is crucial for your controlled environment, it’s crucial to understand the manufacturing process of the garments your staff are wearing. It is important to ensure that the garments your staff are wearing do not introduce unknown particles into the environment and therefore contaminate the cleanroom.

When choosing garments, ask for evidence to ensure it has been made in a cleanroom manufacturing environment. There are several international standards, created by the International Standards Organisation (ISO), that cleanrooms can be classified under.

Choosing the right garments is an important factor to consider when needing to control your clean environment, at Clean Room Garments, all of our garments are processed by us and complies with AS/NZS ISO 14644.5:2004, along with various other certifications and standards.

Specialising in garment processing in a cleanroom environment, Clean Room Garments are the market leaders in the supply of contamination and infection control solutions to the Australasian markets. With our technical expertise and experience, we’re here to help you get your control environment and infection control sorted.

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