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First Aid Kits

CRG Managed Rental Services for First Aid Kits saves your business time and money, helps you comply with complex WH&S laws, and keeps your workplace safe and secure. From motorist kits to wall-mounted cabinets, CRG has the kit for your company’s unique needs.

Once your First Aid Kits are installed, put your worries about WH&S legislation, maintenance, and staff safety out of your head completely. CRG’s Managed Rental Service takes care of the small details so you don’t have to.

Our First Aid Kits are:

Wide-Ranging – We have a variety of kits for different needs and industries-meaning you have the right solutions on hand for workplace injuries every time.

Easy-To-Use – Visible cabinets and a fool-proof colour-coded system means your injuries are treated quickly and effectively.

High-Quality – Each kit is sturdy, carefully organised, and stocked with hospital-grade materials.

Limitlessly Restocked – Our Managed Rental Service means each kit is always filled with hospital-grade consumables – granting you continual peace of mind.


Product Code Product Name
WRHWALCRI Regular Cabinet
WRHWALCRFI Regular Cabinet Food Industry
WRHWALCSI Small Cabinet
WRHWALCSFI Small Cabinet Hospitality
WRHWALCESI Eyewash Station
WRHWALPRFI First Aid Kit Portable Food Industry
WRHWALPRI First Aid Kit Portable

First Aid Softpack Motorist Reg C