Visual and immediate results

KlerReveal enables you to demonstrate immediately to an operator that there is a problem with a particular disinfection technique. Artificial “contamination” is instantly clearly visible under the UV light as coloured luminescence contrasting against the UV light.

Technician training

The KlerReveal Operator Training Kit can be used to demonstrate to technicians the key aspects of contamination control.

Identify contamination risks

KlerReveal can be used to evaluate various contamination risks, for example through pinprick holes in gloves, or the spread of contamination in specific areas. A pack of 5 different coloured powders and brushes is available making the identification of contamination from different sources clearly visible.

Easy to use

The equipment does not require any special training to operate and is supplied with full instructions.

Cost effective

KlerReveal is an invaluable ally in improving contamination control techniques and reducing the risk of costly errors in production.

Ecolab KlerReveal Operator Training Kit

Trains operators in the correct hand washing technique, surface cleaning and transfer disinfection procedures and is a visual and impactful way to show how easily contamination is spread. It gives an instant result, so can show an operator immediately whether their technique is correct or not. It can improve overall quality as it reduces the risk of costly errors in production.

The KlerReveal Operator Training Kit offers a range of key items suitable for all types of contamination control training. This includes powder and lotion containing artificial “contamination” that illuminates under UV light and a light box or hand held torch to cast UV light over the area and reveal the contamination.

The KlerReveal Training Kit consists of:

  • UV 52W light box (includes 2 x UV 26W bulbs)
  • KlerReveal Hand Held 4W UV Torch (requires AA batteries)
  • KlerReveal Red UV Glow Powder  KlerReveal UV Glow Hand Cream
  • 1 brush
  • Bag for carrying the light box