Instant cleaning validation

The Klercide UV Validation Torch enablesyou to identify immediately if a cleaningprocedure has not been carried outeffectively.  Any contamination remaining willshow clearly under the 35W UV light.

Technician training

The Klercide Validation Torch can be used to demonstrate to technicians correct surface disinfection techniques and the effectiveness of them.

Identify contamination risks

Klercide UV validation Torch can be used to identify contamination risks, for example difficult to clean areas, or poorly cleaned surfaces with clearly visible results.

Easy to use

The equipment does not require any special training to operate and is supplied with full instructions.

Cost effective

The Klercide UV Validation Torch will highlight any non-visible contamination improving contamination control techniques and reducing the risk of costly errors in production.

Ecolab Klercide UV Validation Torch

Every cleanroom should assess the effectiveness of a cleaning session and the Klercide UV Validation Torch is the ideal tool for this. It will highlight any non-visible contamination on a surface and can be used to point out any key areas that are being missed during cleaning. Subsequently it should be used for confirmation that the contamination has been eradicated.

  • Cleaning Validation

    The Klercide UV Validation Torch gives out a strong UV light to highlight any real contamination on a surface, so it is an ideal tool for carrying out an immediate assessment of the effectiveness of a cleaning session. The Torch can highlight any potential contamination risks and allow for the immediate confirmation of elimination.

  • Health and Safety

    All our UV light equipment is supplied with comprehensive operation instructions – including maximum permissible exposure times for the unprotected skin and eye at specified distances from the UV lamp, enabling strict compliance with new EU rules, defined by the Optical Radiation Directive 2006/25/EC.

  • Validation

    Supplied by a ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 and European Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC accredited company.