6987 Cleanroom Snap Clip Overshoe (Vinyl Sole)

Shoes are potentially the dirtiest items to enter a cleanroom environment. Shoe coverings package the operator’s shoes and can be slipped on and off conveniently. Worn in conjunction with coveralls and hoods, overshoes offer optimum contamination control.

Our Ultrashield barrier fabric used in conjunction with our Ultrashield coverall is ideal for use in Pharmacies preparing cytotoxic drugs.

FabricSizesColourProcess | ClassSeamsSterilisation
ULTRASHIELD (US) 100% polyester with ECF stripeXSM – 2XLLemon, Green and PurplePotentially Contaminated Garments Process Class Overlocked seamsYes
INTEGRITY (IN) 100% polyester with ECF stripeXSM – 2XLBlue, Navy, Lemon and WhitePotentially contaminated garments process classOverlocked seamsYes