6731 Cleanroom Barrier Coverall With Hood

CRG’S barrier fabrics protect operators from potentially harmful powders and solutions. When processed using CRG’s proprietary PCG (Potentially Contaminated Garments) wash, Ultrashield Fabric (US) and Integrity (IN) coveralls offer fluid repellency.  This makes them ideal for wet environment applications.When being used to protect against hazardous drugs, it is critical that the customer liaises with CRG to ensure that each drug has been validated for removal by PCG processing.

Designed for maximum control of particulate and microbial contamination, the coverage of a coverall is ideal for critical applications.

Combined with the appropriate cleanroom clothing – the coverall provides maximum body coverage.

This style is also available in our UltraClean (PE) fabric.

Coveralls come standard with nylon zip.  If garments are required to be autoclaved for decontamination, please enquire about CRG’s autoclavable zip.

Ideal for:

Grade A in B (Class 100 / ISO 5) Aseptic filling & compounding of: Hormones, Antibiotics and Antineoplastics

FabricSizesColourProcess | ClassSeamsSterilisation
ULTRASHIELD (US) 100% polyester with ECF stripeXXSM – 6XLLemon, Green and PurplePotentially Contaminated Garments Process Class Double needle stitched seamsYes
ULTRACLEAN (PE) 100% polyester with ECF stripeXXSM – 6XLBlue, Navy, Lemon and WhiteProcess Class B, DDouble needle stitched seamsYes