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Vendor Management

Vendor Management

The use of Vendor Management (VMI) has gained acceptance in  many industries.  What began as an experiment has now become the preferred way of doing business.

What is vendor Management?

  • It is a customer-specific means of optimising supply chain performance in which a preferred supplier is responsible for maintaining the client’s inventory levels
  • VMI effectively consolidates the number of vendors an organisation has to deal with, reducing costs through streamlined processes and buying power
  • Vendor Management means that CRG is responsible for generating purchase orders and providing comprehensive inventory data to client on a quarterly basis
  • With VMI, CRG is also responsible for sourcing new/substitute products and stocking the client’s warehouse shelves

CRG can add value to your business through offering a Vendor Management Scheme.  This will be by delivering unparalleled excellence in the following 4 key areas:

  • Expertise – Over 37 years of experience in contamination control solutions, material logistics, and support services
  • Technology – Tools that provide sophisticated solutions for inventory control, inventory management, forecasting and more
  • Processes – Proficiency in business process analysis
  • Buying Power – Continued savings through economies of scale


For further information on Vendor Management contact CRG Customer Service on Ph: 02 9851 4600.