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Cleanroom Disinfectant - Sterile Biocides

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SHC-13Z-5.25:  Hypo-Chlor 5.25% Sterile RTU

Hypo-Chlor is designed for pharmaceutical and biotechnology operations that demand a sterile sodium hypochlorite solution.  Hypo-Chlor is an effective one step, ready-to-use product.  Formulation of Hypo-Chlor is accomplished with USP purified water.  It is used for areas such as walls, ceilings, floors, and surfaces.  Hypo-Chlor is  sterile filtered to 0.2 micron. Each 13oz (383mL) container is double bagged and ready to use.

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DC-03-4Z:  Decon-Clean Sterile ConcentrateDecon Clean Sterile Concentrate

Decon-Clean is designed for pharmaceutical and biotechnology operations that demand a cleaning agent to remove residues from disinfecting agents.  Decon-Clean is an effective one-step residue remover when diluted at 1:128 (118mL per 15L).  It is filtered at 0.2 micron and then subsequently terminally sterilised.  Decon-Clean is an excellent cleaner designed for all washable, non-porous environmental surfaces.  Using Decon-Clean can assure that noticeable and unnoticeable residues are removed.  Each 4oz (118mL) container is double bagged.  It is a concentrate making 15 litres per bottle. 

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Item Code Description Size Dilution Volume Made / Bottle (L) Quantity of Bottles / Carton Minimum Order Quantity
SHC-13Z-5.25 Hypo-Chlor 5.25% - sterile - RTU
13oz = 383mL
DC-03-4Z Decon-Clean - sterile - concentrate
4oz = 118mL
118mL / 15L

Please refer to the technical files for the dilution rates for each chemical. The volume made from each unit may vary depending on what application you are after, i.e sterilant or disinfectant.

RTU = Ready to Use