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Training & Monitoring Kits

The largest source of contamination in the cleanroom is from people entering, moving about, operating and cleaning. Controlling contamination from people related sources is achieved by training operators to follow validated procedures. How do you know a procedure is being followed and not contributing to contamination?

Ecolab Training & Monitoring kits can help you confirm that your operator’s competence and techniques are not adding to your contamination risk.

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3037960 - Klerkit Broth Kit

Universal Operator Broth Transfer Validation Kit

Simplifies the validation process

Klerkit provides all the key elements required to carry out an operator aseptic broth transfer
validation test, in one neat pack.

Cost effective

Using Klerkit provides a cost effective way to buy small quantities of the key elements of broth,
especially bags and ampoules.

Easy to use

The kit is suitable for all personnel carrying out aseptic manipulations. The pack contains
space for five filled syringes which can then be sent away with the other filled vials. The packs
are compact and easy to store.

Meets the requirements of a standard group validation test

The kits have been developed in line with the Aseptic Services Committee's standard test.
Full details of this test and instructions are available, but the kit can also be used in
accordance with an institution's specific protocols.

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