FAQ Quality Service Vendor


Rental and Processing

The R&P arrangement is where customers are charged a per week rental charge covering the rental for one week’s garment requirements. For example, if a customer rents 20 garments, they pay rental on 20 garments and 20 x 2 (40) garments are put into the system.

Processing is charged as garments are returned for processing. If a garment is not returned, zero processing fee is charged. The rental is charged regardless to whether the garment is returned for processing.

Benefits of the Rental System

The benefits of the rental system largely outweigh that of the purchase option. Benefits of the rental system include:

  • No large initial investment for customers;
  • Flexibility;
  • Sizes can be altered as customer requirements change;
  • The number of garments in the system can be altered (60 days notice for an increase/decrease in rental);
  • First repair for normal wear and tear at no extra cost;
  • Sets consists of either 2 or 4 garments (X4 is available if necessary for states other than NSW and VIC, if necessary. In, regional NSW and VIC we add 25% to the rental charge);
  • Option to buyout garments. There is 2.5% depreciation per full month a garment has been in the system;

Site Service Considerations

Site Service involves the presence of a CRG Site Service Co-ordinator (on-site at your company) who takes on the responsibility of your garment needs. The Site Service Co-ordinator manages the delivery of garments to your company, arranges garments so they are placed in lockers or shelving systems, removes soiled garments and organises their return to CRG. Key benefits of Site Service Co-ordination include:

  • Immediate sizing of personnel – CRG staff will come to you to arrange fitting of employees;
  • Issue of emergency and pool garments – There will always be backup garments available for use on demand if a garment is missing;
  • The ease of enabling specific garment adjustments;
  • Maintaining a tidy change room; and
  • Recommended garment storage systems.