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There are two types of flooring systems available, the reusable and the disposable.

  1. Disposable: Peel off mats come in set sizes and need to be peeled several times a day.
  2. Reusable: Dycem products do not use an adhesive so do not need to be peeled. Simply clean the surface and reuse.

Fsm12604:  First Step Mat 

Contamination control peel off mats offer long lasting protection against microbials.  Placing mats in high traffic areas and entryways significantly decreases the amount of contamination brought in.  Removal of the protective film on the bottom and top of the mat is all that is required to install it. As footwear or wheels pass over the mat surface, the pressure-sensitive adhesive traps dirt and holds it for disposal. Individually numbered tabs aid in the removal of one layer at a time and indicate how many layers remain on the mat.

Item Number Product Description Sheets per Pad Pads per Carton Size Minimum Order Quantity
46x116cm 1 Carton